Secure your blockchain wallet now

Gain some inner peace. Show your customers they can safely transact with you.
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Secure your blockchain wallet

Karma Trust offers a secure way to identify the legitimacy of your publicly displayed wallet address to your customers.

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Show everyone they can safely transact with you

We offer a secure token which can only be generated by the Karma Trust smart contract and serves as a public registry.

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Karma is like an SSL certificate

We are like a certificate authority service, working on your behalf to confirm to others that you are who you say you are.

Integrate With Karma

Utilize our Contract


We've implemented a smart contract ready for you to extend in your own contracts. Just include our library and you're ready to validate the passed address, or to show your clients your wallet address or contract address is secure.

Integrate Into Your Site

Web Applet

Use our custom built web applet in your own websites and applications to show your clients proof of your wallet or contract's address authenticity.

Pay Who You Intend To

Chrome Extension

Take advantage of our chrome extension that scans any etherium addresses on your page and automatically applies a visual confirmation of trust so you can rest easy.

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